Vocational Rehab

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) offices help people with a physical, mental, or learning disability connect to employment. They provide a number of services to help you get there, but you must want to work.

There are 26 DRV offices throughout Colorado. We link to the DVR home page. From this page, you can find a statewide list of DVR office locations and phone numbers. It’s a good idea to call first to see if you need to make an appointment.

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Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

varies by location-see website link


The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation could be an option for you with your job search. They help job seekers with a disability prepare for and maintain employment and can provide a number of different services to help you connect with an employment goal. In order to qualify for their services, you need to have a physical, mental, or learning disability that's been documented, the disability creates problems for you with getting or keeping a job, and you're going to be able to work successfully after you receive their help. Click on the website for a list of all of the DVR offices--there are 26 across Colorado! Then contact the DVR closest to where you live and call to make an appointment.

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